"In Shadows mostly foregoes the hard-driving rock crunch of Chaos, in favor of subtler, more intricate arrangements that better accentuate the velvety and vivacious voice of frontwoman stayC Meyer."

- Mark Suppanz, The Big Takeover


"As they close out their first decade, FG has been around the block a few times. One past reviewer described them as weird, fresh and funky; unlike other Seattle bands. That holds true, still."

- Cindy Texeira, Northwest Music Scene


"The band infuses a soulsy, bluesy sound into its already cool, funky eclecticness on the new album In Shadows—released in August. It’s a fantastic album—superb arrangements and emotive vocals. I played over and over in my car for weeks."

- Steele Interviews: Furniture Girls


"In Shadows is a diverse record, presenting a series of distinct soundscapes ... [It] showcases the band members’ decades of combined experience through mature songwriting, thoughtful lyricism, and varied instrumentation."

- Shelagh Dolan, Indie Band Guru


"This is what makes Furniture Girls so unique – their sound is convincing and yet substantially angsty ... They take us on a textured and unpredictable journey with [their new] album, and it’s well worth the ride."


"There isn't another band out there that has the ability -- or musical chops in most cases -- to construct such a swath of genres and make the listener immediately identify with what they're hearing."


"This is a great album through and through, full of unique material that gives this great northwest band a sound all their own and you’re going to love it!"


"Streamlined and focused ... Chaos is charismatic and convincing rock."


"Rasping, commanding vocals. Garage rock with hints of varied influences. Kicking tunes. Think about a meld between The Runaways, Regina Spektor and Dum Dum Girls."


"[The music's] got a blend of everything that’s comforting to those who like to rock. It provides a mix of rock with substance, a bit of angst and drama."


"Furniture Girls are an amazing band composed of Seattle's finest musicians and songwriters. If I had my way they would be on The Tonight show tomorrow!"


"OK. This is probably no surprise. I’ve been saying for years that Furniture Girls is one of my favorite bands in the city. This [Dreams] CD has only reaffirmed that ... this is one complete piece of music."


"I know I’ve said it before, but how about one more time? Furniture Girls is one of my favorite bands in Seattle, and their brand of high-energy, punk-infused, electronic rock is unique in the Seattle scene and should be more well known than it is."